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2007 Volume 48

Glass Technology
European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part A

GT48 annual contents

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1 Mechanochemical synthesis of silver ion conducting glasses in the system AgI–Ag2O–B2O3
A. Hayashi, T. Ishida, T. Minami & M. Tatsumisago
6 Electrochemical properties and local structure of tin borate glasses for lithium secondary batteries
M. Tatsumisago & A. Hayashi
13 Glass viscosity calculation based on a global statistical modelling approach
A. Fluegel
31 Determination of inert gas solubilities in borosilicate glass melts
M. Opyd, G. H. Frischat, M.-L. Aigner & D. Köpsel
35 Crystallisation and stability of glass-ceramics within the CaO–Li2O–SiO2 system that contain wollastonite
O. A. Al-Harbi
41 Sulphur chemistry and sulphate fining and foaming of glass melts
R. Beerkens
53 Conference diary
55 Sensors for glass melting – needs and availability
R. Denno
59 Innovation investment: Pilkington float glass as a case study
D. J. Bricknell
66 Coupled modelling of redox reactions and glass melt fining processes
F. Pigeonneau
73 Trough design for the overflow fusion process by numerical simulation
Huey-Jiuan Lin, Fu-Yuan Hsu & Wei-Kuo Chang
78 Addition of P2O5 to SiO2–Al2O3–B2O3–MgO–CaO–Na2O glass: a study of its effects on glass properties, structure and melting behaviour
P. A. Bingham & R. J. Hand
89 Kinetics of glass batch reactions
M. D. Dolan & Scott T. Misture
101 Colour development in copper ruby alkali silicate glasses. Part 1. The impact of tin (II) oxide, time and temperature
T. Bring, B. Jonson, L. Kloo, J. Rosdahl & R. Wallenberg
109 Conference diary
111 News
113 Evaporation experiments and modelling for glass melts
H. van Limpt & R. Beerkens
119 Surface microstructure and chemistry of functionalised Bioglass-derived glass-ceramics
V. Françon, Qi-zhi Chen, R. Charter, A. R. Boccaccini & D. Armitage
124 The effect of waste loading on the microstructure of glass composite waste forms for the immobilisation of spent clinoptilolite
J. M. Juoi & M. I. Ojovan
130 Determination of inert gas solubility in borosilicate glass melts with special reference to nitrogen
M. Opyd, G. H. Frischat, M.-L. Aigner & D. Köpsel
133 Thermal and mechanical properties of a foamed glass-ceramic material produced from silicate wastes
J. P. Wu, A. R. Boccaccini, P. D. Lee & R. D. Rawlings
142 Colour development in copper ruby alkali silicate glasses. Part 2. The effect
of tin (II) oxide and antimony (III) oxide

T. Bring, B. Jonson, L. Kloo & Jan Rosdahl
149 Conference diary
151 News
155 Immobilisation of radioactive and non-radioactive wastes in glass-based systems: an overview
I. W. Donald
164 Glass-ceramics produced from incinerated municipal solid waste
E. Davim, M. H. V. Fernandes & R. C. C. Monteiro
168 Oxy-fuel technologies for boosting and 100% conversions of cross fired furnaces
N. G. Simpson, R. Wilcox, S. Whitfield, J. Remson, J. Auker & F. v.d. Wiel
176 The role of sulphur compounds in glass melting
J. Kloužek, M. Arkosiová, L. Němec & P. Cincibusová
183 Analysis of self-cleaning and float glass: a comparative study of pollution on the glass surfaces under real life conditions
M. Verità,F. Geotti-Bianchini, R. Falcone, G. Zangiacomi, A. Chabas, T. Lombardo, S. Daveau, P. Ausset, H. Cachier& K. Oikonomou
191 Control of the forming properties of bioactive glasses
E. Vedel, H. Arstila, Di Zhang, L. Hupa & M. Hupa
196 In vitro bioactivity of partially crystallised glasses
H. Arstila, L. Hupa, K. H. Karlsson & M. Hupa
200 Er3+-activated sol-gel silica derived spherical microresonators
G. C. Righini, C. Armellini, A. Chiasera,Y. Jestin, M. Ferrari, A. Chiappini, M. Montagna, C. Arfuso Duverger, P. Féron, S. Berneschi, M. Brenci, G. Nunzi Conti, S. Pelli, C. Gonçalves & R. M. Almeida
204 Contribution of Y2O3 and/or Fe2O3 to the crystallisation characteristics and thermal properties of lithium silicate glasses
S. M. Salman, S. N. Salama & H. Darwish
213 Selenium–molybdenum-based colouration of alkali silicate glasses
T. Bring, B. Jonson, L. Kloo & S. Carlson
222 The blooming of clear glass on tempering and methods of control
A. K. Chakrabarty
227 Biodegradable polymer coated 45S5 Bioglass-derived glass-ceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
O. Bretcanu, Qizhi Chen, S. K. Misra, A. R. Boccaccini, I. Roy, E. Verne & C. Vitale Brovarone
235 Production efficiency, environmental sustainability, and glass quality – a thermodynamic optimisation of three conflicting objectives
R. Conradt
242 Sulphur diffusion in silicate glass melts with particular reference to Schott AF45 glass
M. Szurman, G. Heide, G. H. Frischat & T. Pfeiffer
247 Optical transmission and Raman spectroscopy of aluminophosphate glasses containing chromium and manganese ions
M. Elisa, C. Vasiliu, C. Grigorescu, B. Sava, A. Diaconu, H. J. Trodahl & M. Dalley
252 Scaling laws for radiation–convection coupling in a two-dimensional model of a glass tank
F. Bouillet, F. Lopépé & L. Pierrot
257 Conferences and events
259 News
263 Testing and modelling the behaviour of platinoids during vitrification of high level radioactive waste. Part 1
W. Lutze, W. Gong, F. C. Perez-Cardenas, K. S. Matlack, I. L. Pegg & P. Schill
276 Testing and modelling the behaviour of platinoids during vitrification of high level radioactive waste. Part 2
P. Schill, W. Lutze, W. Gong & I. Pegg
290 Results of the successful introduction of Calumite into a green container furnace
N. Marriott, S. Jones, M. Orhon, E. Akmoran, T. Gun, C. Cabuk
& S. Materowski
297 What can the international glass community do to prevent further deterioration of the reliability of published glass property data?
O. Mazurin
305 New environmentally and energy friendly fibreglass compositions (E-glass, ECR-glass, C-glass and A-glass)– advances since 1998
F. T. Wallenberger, R. J. Hicks, P. N. Simcic & A. T. Bierhals

Crystallisation and substitutions of fluor-magnesio-richterite
(Li,Na,K)2Mg6Si8O22F2 glasses
E. M. A. Hamzawy & C. Leonelli

322 Conferences and events

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