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New Researchers Forum
Wednesday 10th September
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Time Title Author Institute

Plenary Session:
Wonders of Glass: Our Heritage from Earliest Times and into the Future

Professor Malcolm Ingram University of Aberdeen
10.00 am   Refreshments  
10.30am  The structure of amorphous calcium phosphate – a key intermediate in skeletal calcification Ms Kate Wetherall  University of Kent
10.45am Characterisation and optimisation of nanostructure of sol-gel derived bioactive glasses Mr Sen Lin Imperial College

Time resolved double ASAXS of the sintering of Yttria stabilised Zirconia prepared by the sol-gel method   

Mr  Twilight Barnardo     University of Aberystwyth
11.15am X-ray and neutron diffraction in symbiosis: getting the most out of experimental data Mr Robert Moss University of Kent
11.30am Dip-coated metal-oxide based thin films studied by Grazing Incidence Small-Angle X-ray Scattering

Ms Kristin

University of Aberystwyth
11.45am The influence of elastic moduli on the glass forming ability and plasticity of bulk metallic glasses John Plummer University of Sheffield
12.00pm Novel Radioactive Wasteforms John Phillips Imperial College London

‘Christ Church Oxford: A case study in provenance’

Miss Rebecca Scott Cranfield University
12.30pm   Lunch  

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