Cambridge 2008




A multinuclear MAS NMR study of the short range structure of glasses in anorthite-fluorite-phosphorus pentoxide system

Natalia Karpukhina*, Robert V. Law, Robert G. Hill

A number of practically relevant glass compositions are based on the ternary system anorthite-fluorite-phosphorous pentoxide system. The formation of apatite on devitrification is perhaps the prime reason for interest in this system, as it is used for both biomedical and optical applications. The system also constitutes the basis of acid degradable glasses used for many commercial dental cements. We consider this ternary system as a convenient and simple model. This is used to study the transformations in the charge balanced and largely homogenous glass network of the anorthite stoichiometry which becomes altered by the simultaneous additions of fluorine and phosphorus. The 27Al, 19F and 31P MAS NMR data of five glass series from the system will be presented. The results will be discussed along with the information on the glass transition temperature and crystallisation studies. The structural role of phosphorus and fluorine in calcium fluoroaluminosilicate glasses will be specifically addressed.

*presenting author

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