Cambridge 2008






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Abstract guidelines

Please complete the downloadable document at this foot of the page, to submit scientific, technical or History abstract. We are happy to receive submissions for oral papers.

If possible please prepare your abstract in Microsoft Word format using the layout set in p2 of the document.

If you are unable to use the accompanying template, then please lay out your abstract as follows.

The paper size should be A4 with the left and right hand margins set at 3.17cm. The top and bottom margins should be set at 2.54cm.

Title – centred and in 14pt bold Times New Roman

Author names – centred and in 12pt Times New Roman. If more than one author please mark the presenting author’s name with an asterisk
e.g. Russell J. Hand* and John M. Parker
Author affiliations – centred and in 12pt italic Times New Roman

Abstract text – left and right justified in 12pt Times New Roman. The entire document should not exceed one page.

Abstract submission document