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Banquet 2008

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This year we have the honor of holding our Annual Conference Banquet at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge. Sponsored by Fives Stein Ltd (BH-F)

Fives Stein

Corpus Christi College is one of the ancient colleges of the University of Cambridge. It was founded in 1352 by the Guilds of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Corpus Christi is a 20-30 minute walk away from New Hall, the walk is very enjoyable, however please allow extra time you have difficulty in walking. Also remember an umbrella.


Our evening includes a wine reception sponsored by Heraus which, weather permitting, will be held outside in the Bursar gardens.

After the wine reception your 3 course meal will be served in the Fellowes Dining Room. This will be followed by coffee and then you will have the chance to renew and establish business & personal contacts.

Places this year are limited and we have only got
places left. So snap up the places and dine in style at one of the worlds most famous colleges.

.....Also remember even if you can not attend the conference you can still book places at the banquet.

Prices are £45.00 per person which includes the Conference dinner on Thursday 11th September at Corpus Christi Fellowes Hall + Pre dinner drinks.

To book please go to Registration