Cambridge 2008




Chemical analysis helps the glass industry

Margaret West, West X-ray Solutions Ltd

This presentation will seek to address the concerns of the glass industry as it endeavours to satisfy the European Union regulations concerning emissions trading and raw materials. In particular, the need to meet the requirements of Section 13 of Annex 1 of the EU ETS Phase II monitoring guidelines (MRG) that specify the use of raw material analytical data reported by laboratories.

A laboratory is required to follow generally accepted practice for representative sampling and provide evidence that the derived samples are representative and free from bias. If a laboratory is not accredited to EN ISO 17025:2005 the regulations require additional evidence of technical competence and ability to generate valid results including

    1. Conformance to published standard methods
    2. Ability to match certified value when analysing a Certified Reference Material (CRM)


The batch constituents that generate most CO2 are limestone, dolomite and soda ash. The work of the SGT Analysis and Properties Technical Committee to revise standard methods of analysis and generate CRMs for these constituents will be described to assist glassmakers to keep their “eco-house” in order.

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